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Jim E. Charlton-Furlong, Realtor

Capitola, CA 95010, USA

I have been a local in the Pleasure Point/Live Oak area my entire life, since 1958! As a young boy, we lived on Chesterfield, so I frequented Pleasure Point Beach, the Rocks and the Plunge almost daily, since they were directly in my back yard. I am sharing this because I have marketed and worked within my neighborhood for most of my adult life, in two different careers. I am a realtor with Bailey Properties. I believe Pleasure Point's growth into it's own unique destination is wonderful. We enjoy and have always supported the unique business community. What a change from when I swept the floors of Sprouse-Reitz, which today is Zen Island and two surf shops! *Find me at my Web site!*

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Jim E. Charlton-Furlong